“There’s something special about the Bonsai tree. You can
create something great from something small, and that’s
essentially what we accomplish, too.” – Tony Olson, Principal

Bonsai Financial is a holistic financial planning firm that takes a disciplined approach to create sustainable long-term plans specific to each client’s goals. We provide comprehensive retirement planning and wealth management with an emphasis on strategic future tax planning.

We emphasize that small improvements made along the way support natural growth and progression over time with discipline, patience, and consistency. Begin with the end in mind, and have confidence knowing that you have a plan in place to protect and grow your earnings.


Bonsai trees are captivating and intriguing because they can be coaxed to grow in accordance with the time-tested principles of harmony and balance. And if coaxing is not sufficient, coercion is necessary in the form of a few specifically-placed modifications. Constant attention is required along with a steady hand for ongoing trimming of overgrowth, or anything that brings it out of balance.

At Bonsai Financial, we bring a similar measured approach to helping our clients structure their financial trees with solid platforms, sturdy and stable trunks, and branches that are in balance.


At Bonsai Financial, we offer our clients a range of services to help meet their financial goals and requirements. We understand that financial and personal objectives vary from client to client, and we tailor our plans to meet your specific needs.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Retirement Income Strategies
  • Estate & Legacy Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Tax-Efficient Retirement Planning
  • Long-Term Care Strategies
  • Medicare Solutions
  • Charitable Planning


Let us help you with your retirement strategy.
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3235 E Camelback Rd Unit 103
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